• Rob van Uffelen

    IMO Advies


IMDG Code modules:

  • Working with the IMDG Code (Basic or next level)
  • Documentation (MMDGD, D.G.D., C.P.C., M.S.D.S., C.A.A. ...*)
  • Segregation inside or between containers
  • Limited and Excepted Quantities
  • Placarding, Marking and Labeling
  • How to prevent surprises (rejection at last moment)
  • Each training course (module) can be combined as required.

In addition:

IMSBCCode for terminal staff and deck officers

Safe handling of containers under fumigation

(or other unhealthy atmosphere).

  • (Multi Modal) Dangerous Goods Declaration

Container Packing Certificate

Material Safety Data Sheet

Competent Authority Approval

All trainingcourses comply, where applicable, to the requirements in IMDG code chapter 1.3